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A place that gives you quality food and service along with deals that you can not resist.

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Bookings for tables

You can book any spot in the restaurant in advance, depending on its availability. This will remove the hassle of finding a seat on spot and avoid waiting in lines.

Lounge facility

We provide quality lounging facilities to help you get a better experience at our humble dining establishment.

Availability of tables

The number of tables to be reserved is large enough so that you won't be waiting to get a reservation if you did not book a table in advance.

About us

We are a team of people

who work on improving our products and services along with the passage of time and the coming of new trends and popular themes. The food and services to be provided by our staff are guaranteed to be top tier and you will return home satisfied and happy. Our team and staff believe in serving our customers with the best quality food and giving them the perfect ambiance to spend their leisure time in our restaurant.

Each member of our staff is assigned the task which they are passionate about and want to give their best every time. Our most prized possession is the trust our customers put in the quality of our food and services. We work solely to deliver the best quality of everything in our establishment.

Once you visit our establishment, you will know why you should come back again. Our customers are like our family linked through food. We hope for this family to get larger and larger with every customer that joins it.

Our Team

Akhilesh Kumar Pandey

CEO, Amico Inn

" We established Amico Inn to bring some innovative ideas for dining to the industry. It has been our top priority to serve our customers with the best quality food and dining experience. We treat our customers like family and ensure that their interests are on the top of our list always. I have the responsibility to keep everything from the quality to the service of our establishments in check, and I plan on doing this with all my might. Every customer that joins with us is a new family member and I hope for them to keep visiting us. "
" I joined the team of Amico inn to ensure that the quality of our food and services is top tier and our staff is dedicated to what they do. "

Sarwajeet Kumar Pandey

Director, Amico Inn

" The team of Amico Inn is hardworking and passionate about their job and it is my responsibility to make sure that the working conditions and work environment of the establishment are up to the mark and suitable for all the employees."

Radha Devi

Director, Amico Inn

" I had a great experience working with Mr. Akhilesh. I enjoyed every bit of advice from him as well as his spirit to make the best out of every opportunity and the cooperation he showed with us. My whole team had a lot of fun while working with him and we hope to do it again soon!"

Manju Devi

Director, Amico Inn


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